What my clients say...

Karl is the first coach I have seen, I had tried other talking therapies in the past but Karl’s coaching has been by far the most successful. As a man, it is hard to open up at times but Karl makes you feel very at ease and is completely non-judgemental. I have made massive steps in achieving what I want in life with the help of Karl’s goal setting achievable and time-conscience. I would highly recommend Karl to anyone who is considering coaching.

Lee, Charity Worker

I approached Karl because I needed a kick start into meeting my next goal in life. Karl helped me by making me feel more confident in what I wanted to do and managed to remove all the walls that I had been putting up. Within 5 months I have taken two courses, with another two booked, I have invested in equipment for my passion and I’m already working on setting up my own business. I would recommend Karl as within a short amount of time he had a dramatic effect on my confidence and motivation. He makes you feel relaxed and is easy to talk to. If not for Karl I would not be doing what I am doing now, which is starting the next chapter in my life.

Lynne, Photographer

Working with Karl has been very rewarding. He has helped me clarify my career choices and identity my limiting beliefs that were holding me back. Karl and I have only had 3 sessions so far but I feel like we have worked on very important issues. He asks the right questions which help you decide on what it is you actually want and what is holding you back. Great coach.

Kaylie, Account Manager

I had the free session with Karl, and now I have gone on to have further paid sessions. Im happy with the progress we have made so far. The sessions have been based on both professional and personal life goals, and issues. Karl is knowledgeable, has various techniques you can apply in the moments where you need help and inspiration. So its not just about feeding you words, hes giving you tools you can really use. Each session starts with a recap on your week, and the what was discussed during previous sessions, and what to focus on in this session. Each conclusion to session ends in something you can do in the following week, to try and make the change you are aiming for. I feel the way he works with you, is always aiming for tangible change. Ive been impressed, he really focuses on how explain the problems you may wish to address, the words you use, and uses alot of retrospect to identify how you look at life generally. Personably, building a rapport with Karl has been so easy, such a nice guy and extremely supportive. 

Bradley, Programmer 

Karl was an excellent coach! We was able to build a rapport and get to the core of, and identify the issues that I needed support . with. I found Karl to be expert a maintaining a balance between friendliness and professional. I found my time with karl to be highly beneficial and I would certainly recommend him, his experience and manner make him an ideal 'coach' if you want someone who is 'real' and approachable.

Jack, Drug & Alcohol Worker

I had a series of sessions with Karl in Autumn 2017 which were immensely helpful. The coaching has encouraged me to make difficult decisions with a new-found sense of boldness and expectancy. Karl's friendly manor, whilst maintaining professionalism, was instrumental in the success of these sessions. Many thanks again, Karl.

Tobie, Teacher
I was wary of the cost of life coaching at first, 'can I really justify spending that much money just on me?' popped into my head on the regular. But as a freelancer, accountable only to myself, I've found it so valuable to be able to spend time with Karl to focus on defining aims and maintaining momentum in my career journey. He's guided me through unpicking unhelpful beliefs, analysing situations and creating new ways forward - he is so easy to talk to, totally non judgemental, supportive and calming.

Karl has listened as I've talked through the details of the stuff that's been niggling me, but is way too boring to offload on friends, he asks the right questions and has helped me challenge my own limited beliefs. In fact, I rarely ask friends 'advice' following my life coaching with Karl, I'm more often celebrating my learnings on whatever situations I've been dealing with of late, whether they are positive or negative I feel more secure in my headspace and enjoy the mental challenge of finding the learning. I found it useful to share my top priories with Karl, briefing him on what I wanted to work on and quickly realised how amazing it is to have somebody objective who is there to help and challenge you, working totally to your agenda. Such a treat! At first it was like having a second, more constructive voice, in my internal monologue - which is obviously amazing! After a few sessions, I found myself challenging my thinking all on my own, feeling in control thanks to the options I could see in front of me and empowered not to  need to save everything up to analyse in my next life coaching session. New thinking led me to new behaviours, which led to new results, learnings and confidence to keep on improving myself.

From a 6 month coaching experience, I now have clarity on my vision for the future, understanding of the steps needed to get there as well as increased confidence in my judgement and decision making skills to amend the route along the way. A favourite mantra I've taken from the experience is that it's not a waste of time if you learned something, fail harder! Thanks Karl.'

Andrea, Freelance Marketeer & Copy writer