About Me

I believe that everybody has the potential to be great and to discover the best version of themselves. Coaching can change your life for the better by asking all the right questions, to help you arrive at the right answers yourself. My goal is to help you discover what it is holding you back from achieving greatness. 

Around 10 years ago I was working towards becoming a counsellor, as I had always enjoyed working with people to overcome obstacles or difficult situations. Counselling felt like the right path, so I began on a journey of courses, alongside training with the Samaritans, to gain essential experience and develop key skills. I landed a great role as a Project Worker for a mental health service - an honourable job but I still felt that somewhere along my journey I had lost my way and that I had more to give. 

Whilst doing some soul searching, I came across a position for a Coach with a homeless organisation. It was in this role that I discovered that coaching was the way forward for me. I developed my coaching techniques during my time at this organisation and trained to become a qualified NLP practitioner. The more I learnt and developed myself as a coach, the more I wanted to branch out and reach other people - to apply NLP and coaching to the lives of those struggling to find their way. I am now ready to offer my experience, skills and knowledge to people from all walks of life and help them realise a pathway in life that will bring the most fulfilment and peace.